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def hgsvn::run::hgpullsvn::pull_svn_rev (   log_entry,

Pull SVN changes from the given log entry.
Returns the new SVN revision. If an exception occurs, it will rollback
to revision 'current_rev'.

Definition at line 56 of file hgpullsvn.py.

00056                                                                  :
    Pull SVN changes from the given log entry.
    Returns the new SVN revision. If an exception occurs, it will rollback
    to revision 'current_rev'.
    svn_rev = log_entry['revision']

    added_paths = []
    copied_paths = []
    removed_paths = []
    changed_paths = []
    unrelated_paths = []
    replaced_paths = {}
    for d in log_entry['changed_paths']:
        # e.g. u'/branches/xmpp-subprotocols-2178-2/twisted/words/test/test_jabberxmlstream.py'
        p = d['path']
        if not p.startswith(wc_base + "/"):
            # Ignore changed files that are not part of this subdir
            if p != wc_base:
        action = d['action']
        if action not in 'MARD':
            raise UnsupportedSVNAction("In SVN rev. %d: action '%s' not supported. Please report a bug!"
                % (svn_rev, action))
        # e.g. u'twisted/words/test/test_jabberxmlstream.py'
        p = p[len(wc_base):].strip("/")
        # Record for commit
        # Detect special cases
        old_p = d['copyfrom_path']
        if old_p and old_p.startswith(wc_base + "/"):
            old_p = old_p[len(wc_base):].strip("/")
            # Both paths can be identical if copied from an old rev.
            # We treat like it a normal change.
            if old_p != p:
                # Try to hint hg about file and dir copies
                if not os.path.isdir(old_p):
                    copied_paths.append((old_p, p))
                    if action == 'R':
                    # Extract actual copied files (hg doesn't track dirs
                    # and will refuse "hg copy -A" with dirs)
                    r = run_hg(["st", "-nc"], [old_p])
                    for old_f in r.splitlines():
                        f = p + old_f[len(old_p):]
                        copied_paths.append((old_f, f))
                        if action == 'R':
        if d['action'] == 'A':
        elif d['action'] == 'D':
        elif d['action'] == 'R':
            # (R)eplaced directories can have added and removed files without
            # them being mentioned in the SVN log => we must detect those files
            # ourselves.
            # (http://svn.python.org/projects/python/branches/py3k, rev 59625)
            if os.path.isdir(p):
                replaced_paths[p] = get_svn_versioned_files(
                    os.path.join(svn_wc, p))
                # We never know what twisty semantics (R) can have. addremove
                # is safest.

    # Update SVN + add/remove/commit hg
        if changed_paths:
            run_svn(["up", "--ignore-externals", "-r", svn_rev, svn_wc])
            for p, old_contents in replaced_paths.items():
                old_contents = set(old_contents)
                new_contents = set(get_svn_versioned_files(
                    os.path.join(svn_wc, p)))
                added_paths.extend(p + '/' + f for f in new_contents - old_contents)
                removed_paths.extend(p + '/' + f for f in old_contents - new_contents)
            if added_paths:
                # Use 'addremove' because an added SVN directory may
                # overwrite a previous directory with the same name.
                # XXX what about untracked files in those directories?
                run_hg(["addremove"] + hg_exclude_options, added_paths)
            for old, new in copied_paths:
                    run_hg(["copy", "-A"], [old, new])
                except ExternalCommandFailed:
                    # Maybe the "old" path is obsolete, i.e. it comes from an
                    # old SVN revision and was later removed.
                    s = run_hg(['st', '-nd'], [old])
                    if s.strip():
                        # The old path is known by hg, something else happened.
                    run_hg(["add"], [new])
            if removed_paths:
                run_hg(["remove", "-A"], removed_paths)
        elif unrelated_paths:
            detect_overwritten_svn_branch(wc_url, svn_rev)
    # NOTE: in Python 2.5, KeyboardInterrupt isn't a subclass of Exception anymore
    except (Exception, KeyboardInterrupt), e:
        print "\nInterrupted, please wait for cleanup!\n"
        # NOTE: at this point, running SVN sometimes gives "write lock failures"
        # which leave the WC in a weird state.
        hgsvn_rev = get_svn_rev_from_hg()
        if hgsvn_rev != svn_rev:
            # Unless the tag is there, revert to the last stable state
            run_svn(["up", "--ignore-externals", "-r", current_rev, svn_wc])
            run_hg(["revert", "--all"])

    return svn_rev

def locked_main():

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